FOURM design studio
FOURM design+studio

Design Statement

We are a design firm that strives to create a more seamless collaboration between art, architecture and construction. Our work is also fueled by the belief of the potency of visual literacy as a medium for sustainable change, making education another critical component of our practice. Together, design+build+educate forms a powerful tool to create a meaningful impact upon the built and social environment.


We are a process driven practice, and we believe that a substantive understanding of the culture, site, history, of a project and its client can greatly inform the design process. We use this foundation to stimulate conceptual ideas, design processes, and the practical mechanics of building the project.


It is critical that our clients understand all aspects of this design concept and process so they can support the vision and participate in its development. This is but one aspect of the collaborative nature in which we work; our practice believes in the power of engaging with not only clients, but also other designers, artists, musicians and craftsmen. We believe that our way of working generates architecture and environments that nourish the communities who engage with it.


It is our mission to manifest the spirit of a place, person or people into all of our projects. Using the ways in which people live, work, and socialize as inspiration, we strive to create projects that are holistically sustainable. They not only achieve a minimal environmental footprint, but also are sensitive to the experience that our clients and the people around them. It is our goal to do projects that can help create a sustainable (environmental, social, and economical) vision for our clients.